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White Ties of the 2024 season


Modern White Silk and Microfiber Ties by Paul Malone - Perfect for Weddings and Office Discover the timeless sophistication and modern elegance of Paul Malone's white ties. Our collection includes both silk and microfiber ties in a variety of styles including paisley, striped, plain, floral and baroque. Each tie is masterfully crafted by Paul Malone to meet the highest standards of quality and style. The simple elegance of modern white ties makes them a versatile accessory that can be effortlessly combined with different shirts and suit colors. From weddings to the office, Paul Malone ties are the ideal choice for any occasion. The variety of styles allows you to subtly emphasize your personality and style. For wedding celebrations, we offer special wedding ties that perfectly complement the festive ambience. From classically elegant to modern and trendy - Paul Malone has the ideal wedding tie for every groom and his groomsmen. The white ties are not only suitable for weddings, but also as a stylish accessory in the office. Paul Malone's lawyer tie and judge tie exude seriousness and style, while at the same time enhancing the modern look of a contemporary gentleman. Paul Malone values the highest quality. Our white silk and microfiber ties are crafted with masterful skills to give you not only a stylish but also a comfortable wearing experience. Discover the world of men's fashion with our exquisite men's ties and matching accessories. Add the perfect tie knot to your look and make a statement in men's fashion. The combination of tradition and modernity makes Paul Malone the ultimate choice for men's ties and accessories. Immerse yourself in the world of style and elegance and discover how our white ties emphasize your personality.


Plain satin necktie (microfiber)
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Paul Malone White Ties: Elegant versatility for every style:Discover the timeless elegance of modern white ties by Paul Malone, presented in an impressive selection. Our high-quality ties, made from silk and microfiber, add a touch of sophistication to any occasion. From formal events to festive celebrations, white ties are an essential accessory for the modern gentleman.

Stylish variety for every occasion:The simple elegance of modern white ties allows for effortless combination with different shirts and suits. Whether you're looking for a classic look for a wedding or subtle elegance for a business meeting - the white Paul Malone ties fit perfectly with every style.

High-quality materials, timeless design by Paul Malone:Enjoy the luxury of ties made from silk, microfiber and other first-class Materials are made — characteristic of Paul Malone's quality. The careful workmanship and simple, elegant design make Paul Malone's modern white ties a timeless accessory that adds a touch of class to your outfit.

Perfectly coordinated accessories:Complete your look with our exquisite pocket squares and cufflinks, designed specifically for the modern white ties were designed by Paul Malone. Our accessories not only perfectly complement the style of the ties, but also offer additional sophistication and individuality.

Styling tips for the perfect look with Paul Malone:Learn how to wear a modern white tie from Paul Pair Malone with a classic black suit, and add extra accents with our matching pocket squares and cufflinks. Our styling tips will help you get the most out of your look and create a harmonious overall appearance.

Easy-care for long-lasting elegance:Paul Malone not only stands for style, but also for quality and ease of care. With simple care instructions, your tie and its accessories will stay in first-class condition. Enjoy long-lasting elegance by having it gently professionally cleaned.

Variety of patterns to suit every taste:Choose from a wide range of patterns including paisley, striped, plain, floral and baroque to express your personal style. The modern white ties from Paul Malone not only offer simple elegance, but also the opportunity to individualize your look with stylish details. Discover Paul Malone's modern white ties and complete your style with our perfectly coordinated pocket squares and cufflinks. With us you will find the ideal ensemble for every occasion that not only looks elegant, but also meets Paul Malone's highest quality standards. Order today and experience how Paul Malone completes your look with elegance and individuality.

Are white ties modern? Yes, white ties are absolutely modern and give every outfit a timeless elegance. The simple color allows for a versatile combination and is extremely popular in the fashion world for both formal and festive occasions.

How long should a white tie be? The ideal length of a white tie is typically between 145 and 150 centimeters . This allows for an elegant tie knot and ensures that the tie fits perfectly with different shirts and suit styles.

Which suit should you wear a white tie with? White ties harmonize particularly well with dark suits, like for example a classic black or navy blue suit. This combination gives the outfit a formal yet timeless touch, ideal for business meetings or festive events.

Do you wear a white tie to a wedding? Yes, a white tie is an excellent wedding accessory. It gives the groom an elegant look and goes well with various wedding styles, from classic to modern. The simple elegance of the white tie makes it a timeless choice for that special day.

Can you wear a white tie to the office? Absolutely, a white tie can also be worn in the office be a stylish choice. Especially in combination with a dark suit, it gives the business look a formal and professional touch. It is important to adapt the choice of tie to the company dress code and the respective industry.

Which tie knot is suitable for white ties? The simple Windsor knot or is particularly suitable for white ties the classic four-in-hand knot. These knots are not only easy to tie, but also give the tie an elegant and balanced shape.

When should you wear a white tie? White ties are suitable for a variety of occasions. from formal business meetings to weddings and celebratory events. The simple elegance makes it a versatile accessory that, depending on how it is combined with other items of clothing, determines the occasion.