Blue XL necktie

Blue XL necktie | extra long mens tie

Extra long ties in blue. Our extra long blue ties are ideal for men who are slightly longer or stronger than the norm. Unfortunately, it has long been the case that customers who have grown very tall or have a belly neck, have difficulty finding a tie that adds value to their outfit. In most cases, the tie was too short when tied to a regular tie knot or the tie was stretched so the knot was tiny on the neck. In both cases, the optics were not optimal. We at Paul Malone have tackled the problem and offer each of our models in an extra long version. So you can now tie a reasonable tie knot and still reach a sufficient length.

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Paul Malone Blue Extra Long Silk Ties - Complete elegance with pocket squares and cufflinks

Discover style and comfort with our Paul Malone blue extra long ties

Welcome to our exclusive collection of blue extra long ties from Paul Malone — the perfect accessory to add a luxurious touch to your style. Our carefully selected ties not only offer stylish designs but also an extended length of 165cm for ultimate comfort. Find out why our Paul Malone blue ties are the ideal choice for men with a sense of fashion and sophistication.

Why Paul Malone Blue Extra Long Ties?

  1. Stylish and Versatile: Our Paul Malone blue ties are available in a wide range of blue tones, from classic navy to to living cobalt. Whether for formal occasions in the office or everyday use, these ties suit every look and occasion.

  2. Extended Length, Maximum Versatility: The extra long size of our ties (165 cm) is ideal for Men who prefer a modern and longer style. These ties are a perfect fit for taller men and add contemporary elegance to any outfit.

  3. High-quality silk for luxury and comfort: Paul Malone's blue ties are made of high-quality materials that not only give a silky shine , but also offer a comfortable wearing experience. Enjoy the luxury of these elegant ties, perfect as business ties and formal occasions.

  4. Handmade quality for durability:Each Paul Malone tie is handcrafted by skilled tailors to ensure they are not only... looks stylish but also lasts a long time. Attention to detail is at the heart of our craftsmanship.

Our collection offers not just an accessory, but a style that emphasizes individuality and class. From business meetings to weddings – Paul Malone's blue extra long ties are the perfect choice. Choose from striped, polka dot, plain, baroque, paisley and tartan to add a personal touch to your look.

Complete your Paul Malone look with matching pocket squares and cufflinks. Our pocket squares perfectly complement the color palette of our ties and add a touch of sophistication. The artfully designed cufflinks give your outfit the finishing touch.

At Paul Malone we understand that style is more than just clothes. It is a statement, a personal brand. Our blue extra long silk ties are not just an accessory, but an expression of your individual style. Order now and experience timeless elegance every time you wear it.

The length of a tie is crucial to ensure a neat and stylish look. Paul Malone's extra long ties measure a generous 165cm, ensuring they fit perfectly even on men of larger stature.

Paul Malone's 165cm extra long silk ties are among the longest on the market. This ensures that you receive a tie that not only fits perfectly, but also suits your individual style.

Extra long ties are particularly suitable for men with larger stature or for those who simply prefer a longer and more contemporary style. Prefer a different look. The extra length ensures an optimal fit and gives every outfit a stylish touch.

If you have difficulty tying a traditional tie or if you prefer a contemporary, longer style, an extra long tie is the one perfect choice. At Paul Malone we offer you the certainty that your tie not only looks good, but also fits perfectly.

Current trends show that narrower tie widths are in style. Our Paul Malone extra-long ties follow this trend by offering a contemporary width that can be effortlessly integrated into both modern and classic ensembles.

A well-chosen tie is still a timeless accessory that adds elegance and style. The extra long silk ties from Paul Malone not only bring timeless elegance, but also a modern touch to your look.

The ideal tie length depends on individual preference. However, many experts recommend that the tip of the tie should reach the top of the belt. At 165 cm, the extra long tie from Paul Malone offers enough length for different wearing styles.

The choice between a bow tie and a tie depends on the occasion and your personal style. A tie, especially our extra long styles, are ideal for formal occasions or in the office. Bow ties, on the other hand, are perfect for festive events and evening events. Paul Malone offers a versatile selection of both accessories to suit your individual needs.