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Our range extends from festive paisley silk ties to elegant striped ties. The Paul Malone designer ties not only stand out because of their elegance and quality, their workmanship is also excellent. The tie connoisseur is certainly familiar with the term 7-fold ties and is of course part of our range, which further underlines our exclusivity. Since the tastes of our customers are very different, all tie models are also available in the modern narrow tie width of 6cm. Just like the tie length, which can be easily selected in the item description from normal 150cm to extra long 165cm. We offer you an impressive selection of ties including men's ties, skinny ties and extra long ties to ensure you find the perfect fit for your style. Our Paul Malone tie collection includes exclusive 7-fold ties that represent the highest quality and elegance. These ties are carefully crafted to add that little bit extra to your outfit. Our color palette ranges from classic ivory, deep blue, warm brown, festive champagne, radiant yellow, noble gold, fresh green, vibrant orange, delicate pink, passionate red to timeless black, shiny silver, refreshing turquoise and royal violet. If you prefer a classic white, we've got you covered too. Complement your tie with a matching Paul Malone pocket square to complete the look and add a touch of sophistication. And don't forget our exquisite Paul Malone cufflinks to perfect your style down to the smallest detail. Our Paul Malone collection of ties, pocket squares and cufflinks have been curated with care and attention to detail to ensure you find the perfect combination for every occasion. Discover the world of Paul Malone men's accessories with us and stand out from the crowd by putting your personal style at the center. With our high-quality Paul Malone ties and accessories you are well prepared for every occasion.

Plain satin necktie (microfiber)
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When is a stylish necktie obligatory for men?
There are many occasions or events that make the tie indispensable because of your elegance. At a wedding, it is imperative not only for the groom to have an elegant and dapper appearance, but also as a male guest at a wedding is next to the suit, a well-ironed shirt, the noble tie the most important accessory for a successful outfit. At funerals, respect for the deceased and relatives for the man with a proper outfit to appear. The black tie is mandatory. For galas or balls you have a little more flexibility in the choice of neckties. There you can easily come up with a solid tie or even a playful dotted or striped tie. A theatrical performance, on the other hand, is always a little more conservative, which should also be reflected in your fashion. So solid ties or slightly patterned ties are the right choice. In the office, there is no limit to your creativity. You can also try on narrow neckties or knit ties. You see, the necktie still belongs in the elegant men's fashion as ever. The designers always follow the latest trends, so that man finds the right one for himself.

Mens ties through the ages!
The constant change in men's fashion does not stop at the ties. In recent years, almost everywhere you have only seen wide ties with a width of more than 10cm, because this has been modern and a sign of quality for this time. Narrow ties were smiled at rather. Today, the narrow tie is rather the model that is considered modern and is now not only worn by young men. Also in the management levels of the big companies are now narrower neckties with about 8cm the broader ties preferred. For the younger necktie wearers even skinny ties with a width of 6cm are the standard today. But not only the necktie width has changed over time, but also the material. Today, silk is just as much the measure of all things as it used to be, as the fine smooth surface makes it very easy to tie the tie knot, but there are no limits to the designer's creativity. Today, knitted ties made of cotton, polyester, wool or viscose are in great demand. Normal cotton or velvet ties are also becoming increasingly popular. In areas where durability and price are important because they require large quantities, such as In gastronomy, the microfibre tie is best used.

Neckties and your patterns
The patterns of ties and pocket square can be divided into 7 types:
Solid ties or uni, are the classic neckties and are ideal for patterned shirts and suits. The solid mens tie is divided once again in solid satin or solid with structure. The solid satin mens ties have a very smooth structure-free surface. With the structured necktie you can also strip on the surface or recognize the weave.
Allover patterned ties are completely and evenly patterned, e.g. with symbols or figures. In a normal everyday occasion such a pattern may be the right one, rather than at festive events.
Dotted ties are more casual and casual. But a tie with dots does not go with every outfit. Big dotted ties are more suitable for leisure than for the office. With very small dots on the tie, you can also wear the tie as a business tie in the office.
Striped ties have a little more dynamic and are more playful and lively. Neckties with stripes are traditionally most worn in the office and generally as a professional business tie. Very fine striped ties look much nobler than wide stripes and are therefore more suitable for business meetings.
Paisley ties are very traditional and elegant for special occasions such as Weddings. Paisley are elliptical patterns that are slightly narrower on one side and rounded on the other side. For paisley patterned neckties, you are always classic yet elegantly dressed.
Plaid ties can be divided into several groups. First, there is the so-called Glencheck which is a very fine check that is produced by the special weaving technique. The Prince of Wales Check is a Glencheck pattern, over which a more contrasty rough check is placed. The Vichy check is the classic check what is also called peasant's check. You have the checkerboard look that you expect from plaid ties. Finally there is the tartan patternas in English also known as tartan or plaid.
Baroque ties are very traditional and elegant like the paisley ties. The pattern of the Baroque ties is based on the art of the Renaissance of the period between 1600 and 1750. Therefore, neckties with Baroque pattern are very stylish.

Care and storage of your tie
When storing your tie, make sure you do not fold it to prevent kinks. Ties should be kept hanging or rolled. The tie knot should always be loosened to avoid ugly kinks as well. If your tie is dirty, please clean it for cleaning or dab it off carefully. Please do not put the tie in the washing machine, as the lining of the tie may be forgiven and you may get unsightly waves on the tie.

Tying a tie
Tie instructions for a mens tie and the most common tie knots we have listed in detail on our info pages. Here is just a brief introduction to what you should tie the tie. the choice and therefore the size and shape of the tie knot depends on the stature of the wearer. A slender man should also choose a narrow tie knot, a strong gentleman rather a wider one. In the case of very tall men, the aggravating factor is that a broader knot requires a lot of material and the tie loses its length. So that you as a long-grown man can still tie a reasonable knot and the tie reaches to the belt, I recommend the use of an extra-long tie from a height of 185cm.

Why buy a Paul Malone tie?
In addition to our over 25 years of experience in upscale men's fashion, we design and manufacture our mens ties with great attention to detail and only with the best materials. Our satisfied customer base meanwhile stretches across the globe and that too can only be guaranteed with consistent quality. Each of our mens ties undergoes quality control with trained dressmakers before being sent to you.