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Black ties of the 2024 season


In the world of men's fashion, Paul Malone black ties epitomize timeless sophistication. The deep elegance of black adds a subtle yet powerful touch to any occasion. Whether it's a business meeting, gala evening or wedding, Paul Malone's black tie is a symbol of timeless elegance. The versatility in style is reflected in the selection, which ranges from satin sheen to matte textures. Paul Malone offers black ties made from high quality silk and microfiber, ensured by careful manufacturing. This quality not only guarantees aesthetic appeal, but also durability and comfort. Also discover Paul Malone's exclusive accessories, including pocket squares and cufflinks, perfectly coordinated with the black ties. These accessories add an extra dimension to any outfit and show your attention to detail. Paul Malone's black ties are more than just an accessory - they're a statement. Pair with a tailored suit, matching pocket square and stylish cufflinks to highlight your individual style. The variety of patterns, from classic plain to eye-catching paisley, striped or floral designs, offers the right thing for every occasion. Discreet funeral ties are available, especially for funeral ceremonies. Whether it's a festive occasion, a business meeting or a funeral - Paul Malone's black ties are the ideal men's accessory for every occasion. Black never goes out of style - an investment in style and class that is always worth it.


Plain satin necktie (microfiber)
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Discover timeless elegance with our Paul Malone black ties and matching accessories
Welcome to our exclusive collection of Paul Malone black ties, where the timeless class of this renowned label meets modern versatility. Our black ties, made from high-quality silk and microfiber, are not just an accessory, but a statement of sophisticated style and unsurpassed elegance.

Why Paul Malone Black Silk and Microfiber Ties?
Paul Malone is synonymous with quality and style, and our selection of black ties is no exception. From silk ties with a luxurious sheen to matte microfiber textures for subtle chic, Paul Malone ties are the perfect choice for any occasion. Whether it's a gala, business meeting or wedding - our black ties set a standard for elegance.

Versatility in Black with Paul Malone
Black may be classic, but Paul Malone ties are anything but boring. Choose from a variety of designs, from simple to striped, plain, floral or baroque, to emphasize your individual style. Pair these high quality ties with a traditional black suit for formal occasions or create an elegant contrast with vibrant colors and patterns.

Matching accessories for the complete look
Complete your look with our exquisite pocket squares and cufflinks designed specifically for Paul Malone silk and microfiber ties. These accessories give your outfit that extra bit of style and sophistication. Combine colors and patterns to achieve a harmonious overall impression.

Stylish tying, unmistakable appearance with Paul Malone
The way you tie your Paul Malone tie can affect the entire look. Choose a classic tie knot like the Windsor knot for formal elegance or the sleek four-in-hand for a modern touch. Our Paul Malone black ties offer you the opportunity to emphasize your personal style and create an unmistakable appearance.

Care tips for longevity
To ensure that your black Paul Malone tie made of silk or microfiber retains its shine for a long time, please follow our care tips. Avoid stains by protecting your tie from dirt and follow care instructions to preserve its beauty.

Discover the timeless elegance and versatility of Paul Malone's black tie collection, complemented by matching accessories. With us you will not only find fashionable details, but also a companion for every occasion. Order now and make a statement with stylish men's ties and accessories from Paul Malone.

Are black ties fashionable?
Yes, black ties are considered timeless and are still extremely modern today. Their versatility allows them to be worn on different occasions and outfits, making them an essential accessory in the world of men's fashion.

How long should a black tie be?
The standard length for ties is usually around 147 to 150 centimeters. This is also common with black ties. However, the correct length depends on the height of the wearer and the desired tying technique.

Which suit should you wear a black tie with?
Black ties harmonize particularly well with classic suits in black, dark blue or gray. They give the outfit a formal and elegant touch and are therefore ideal for festive occasions, business meetings or gala events.

Do you wear black tie to a funeral?
Yes, black ties are appropriate accessories for funerals and memorial services. The color black symbolizes respect and sadness. In this context, the black tie is often referred to as a funeral tie and is an appropriate element for a dignified appearance.

Do you wear a black tie to the office?
Black ties can be worn in the office, especially if there is a formal dress code. They give the outfit a professional look and are good for important business meetings. However, it is important to take into account the environment and the company's dress code.

Which tie knot is suitable for black ties?
Different tie knots are suitable for black ties, depending on personal taste and occasion. The classic Windsor knot gives the tie a formal elegance, while the sleeker four-in-hand knot adds a more modern touch. The choice of knot can influence the overall look and express your individual style.