Mens Suits and Tuxedos

High quality suits for men. Classic and elegant mens dress suits in black, blue and anthracite as a business suit and casual suit, to black or blue tuxedo for the groom at his wedding and other festive occasions. Our range includes mens suits with waisted slim fit cut and suits in normal full cut. In each of our mens suit models, we attach the highest importance to the quality of the material, the tailored cut for a comfortable fit and of course, the careful processing. Our quality control ensures that you always get the high quality accustomed by Paul Malone. Obtaining a mens suit for a competitive price in top quality is, of course, the wish of every customer. Unfortunately, quality always has its price. However, to satisfy this wish for you, we always have reduced suits for you in SALE at certain times with up to 56% off. All of our mens suit models have a spandex content, which makes the suit stretchy and thus increases the wearing comfort again.

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