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High quality suits for men.


Classic and elegant mens dress suits in black, blue and anthracite as a business suit and casual suit, to black or blue tuxedo for the groom at his wedding and other festive occasions. Our range includes mens suits with waisted slim fit cut and suits in normal full cut. In each of our mens suit models, we attach the highest importance to the quality of the material, the tailored cut for a comfortable fit and of course, the careful processing. Our quality control ensures that you always get the high quality accustomed by Paul Malone. Obtaining a mens suit for a competitive price in top quality is, of course, the wish of every customer. Unfortunately, quality always has its price. However, to satisfy this wish for you, we always have reduced suits for you in SALE at certain times with up to 56% off. All of our mens suit models have a spandex content, which makes the suit stretchy and thus increases the wearing comfort again.


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Men's suit
Our more than 25 years of experience in the upscale men's fashion flows into our men's suits. Every men's suit is tested by us from the lapel to the trouser leg, so you get the best quality for your money. The fits of our men's suits are suitable for every body type. So we have waisted slim fit suits for the slender or body-accented straps or regular fit suits for the normal or strong built man. The color palette extends from the mens suit black, blue, beige to anthracite.
Elegant, serious with style and full of charm, men present themselves with the right modern suits. Whether confident as a business suit in the office or with a noble charisma at an evening event in company with the festive suit. The men's suit gives the wearer a distinguished and tasteful outfit. Find modern suits for every occasion online at Paul Malone.

Find your suit that also fits your style:
The suit for the modern man is of the utmost importance when it comes to festive, serious or elegant. In doing so one differentiates traditionally several suit styles:
The elegant and puristic suits have a straight cut and convince with a slim waist and an adjoining leg.
English: Very classic, serious and timeless. Very characteristic is the formal cut and a trouser leg, which hardly touches the shoe. Obligatory here are suits with double-breasted button placket.
Italian: With its youthful and casual ease of workmanship and material, this suit has a very modern look.
American: The slightly cut suits look very dominant and are also characterized by a pointed lapels and round shoulders. These suits radiate business respectability and formality.

Which suit is right for you now depends on many factors, the most important is which occasion the suit is needed for. However, it is also important which fit fits your physique and from which material the suit was made.

What is a classic men's suit made of?
Typically, a modern two-piece suit consists of jacket and suit trousers. The suit looks a bit more elegant when you add a matching vest to the two-piece suit. Here you have the opportunity to get the vest in the look of the suit, or for very festive occasions, our noble wedding vests. The three-piece model is mainly worn at more noble events.
Blazer: Blazers are available as single-button, two-button or three-button jackets, with the 2-button jacket and the 3-button jacket usually leaving the bottom button open to provide the necessary range of motion. In addition, it seems a bit more casual. The sleeves of the jacket should end at the ball of the thumb. If you wear a shirt with cufflinks, it should look out about 1 cm below the sleeve. On average, one also differentiates between single-breasted and double-breasted jacket.
Vest: The suit vest is more likely to be found on festive occasions, as the vest makes the suit look a little more noble.
Pants: The classic suit trousers have a pleat. Through these, the pants fit a bit looser on the hips and waist, which significantly contributes to comfort. If you wear the pants, it should rest on the heel of the shoe while standing with the hem of the trousers.

How should the suit sit? What must gentlemen pay attention to the fit?
Men's suits are available in a variety of fits. A distinction is made mainly between straight cuts, regular fit suits and fitted cut slim fit suits. First, of course, care must be taken to the body shape of the wearer, whether a suit in slim fit or regular fit is eligible. If both variants are possible due to the stature, the slim fit suit is preferred for the modern, young appearance and the male silhouette should be emphasized a bit. The regular fit suit is then more suitable for the classic wearer.

So that the suit fits perfectly, you should pay attention to the following points:
1. The lapel and the collar should cling to the body.
2. The suture of the shoulder should be flush with the upper arm.
3. The sleeves of the jacket should reach down to the wrist and the shirt should look out about a thumb's width.
4. The suit trousers should sit well at the waist and lie lightly on the shoe pad.
5. The fabric must neither stand out nor form wrinkles or creases.
6. You should avoid the so-called collar gap, which means that there is a space between shirt collar and lapels.
7. The tie should end only at the waistband.

What should be considered with the material of the suit?
The suit can only be as good as the material from which the suit was made. To avoid sweating while wearing the suit, you should choose a fabric that is breathable. Spandex is processed in some suits for freedom of movement, which makes the material more stretchable.
Virgin Wool: New wool suits are the highest quality and most worn suits, either 100% virgin wool or mixed with other materials. Virgin wool has the following properties, making it the ideal material for suits: good moisture wicking, thermal insulation, breathability, low crease tendency and high color fastness.
Cotton: Men's cotton suits can absorb a lot of moisture and are very resistant, tear-resistant and have a cooling effect.
Elastane: Elastane is added to the main material with only 3% or 4% to make the material more stretchable and elastic. This extra elasticity has a great effect on the wearing comfort.

Which suit does the man wear for which occasion?
The occasion is the decisive criterion for the selection of the suit. The business suit in the office is mostly in dark, serious colors. There is mainly dark blue, anthracite or classic black worn. For this, a white or blue shirt is suitably combined. In the summer you can sometimes resort to lighter colors like gray. In winter, on the other hand, a brown suit can be found in the office.
Of course, the groom at his wedding has to opt for a bit of a break, so weddings usually use some more festive suits with shiny lapels and enhance them with elegant wedding vests. The groom suit has only one button and a slightly different lapel and therefore differs from the business suit or leisure suit.

If the dress code allows it, glamorous events can be done without the tuxedo or tuxedo and an elegant black suit can be worn. And then the combination of the shirt and the accessories like an elegant Paul Malone silk tie is of greater importance.

Which accessories upgrade the suit?
Classically, the suits are the belts with the matching shoes selected to get a calm picture. If you want to wear a tie with a pocket handkerchief, make sure that the handkerchief matches the tie, either because it is in the same pattern or the color of the tie is reflected in the handkerchief.