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Turquoise ties of the 2024 season

Discover elegance in turquoise with Paul Malone: Our complete selection of men's accessories Immerse yourself in the world of sophisticated elegance with our exquisite selection of turquoise ties from Paul Malone. The deep, calming nuances of turquoise add a special touch to any outfit and are perfect for any occasion. The Paul Malone collection not only offers first-class ties, but also matching accessories to complete your look. Combine your turquoise tie with our exclusive pocket squares and set a harmonious accent. The pocket squares, carefully coordinated, give your outfit an extra dimension of style and class. Complete your look with our elegant cufflinks, which emphasize the fine details and add subtle elegance to your appearance. Each cufflink has been crafted with the utmost precision to meet Paul Malone's standards of quality and style. Whether you're looking for a statement addition to your formal outfit or want to add subtle sophistication to your casual look, Paul Malone offers not just ties, but a complete experience in stylish men's accessories. Discover the variety of turquoise shades in our collection and find the perfect companion for your tie. Give your outfit the touch of class it deserves with a teal tie, matching pocket square and elegant cufflinks from Paul Malone. Discover timeless elegance and make a statement with our exclusive selection of men's accessories.

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Paul Malone: Stylish ties, pocket squares and cufflinks in turquoise and more
Welcome to the exclusive world of Paul Malone, where style and sophistication collide. Discover our unique collection of turquoise ties made from high-quality silk and microfiber, accompanied by matching pocket squares and cufflinks – a synthesis of timeless elegance and high-quality design.

Turquoise: Timeless elegance in color
The fascinating mix of blue and green, symbolized by turquoise, is taken to a new level in our collection by Paul Malone. Each tie, be it paisley, striped, plain, floral or baroque, embodies style for any occasion, be it business meetings in the office or festive weddings.

Stylish topicality: Are turquoise ties fashionable?
Absolutely! Turquoise ties are not only timeless, but also a statement of modernity. The vibrant color gives any outfit a fresh touch and fits perfectly with contemporary style.

Perfect length: How long should a turquoise tie be?
An ideal tie length is usually between 145 and 150 cm. This ensures an elegant drape when the tie is tied, regardless of the preferred knot style.

Suit choice: Which suit should you wear a turquoise tie with?
Turquoise ties harmonize particularly well with dark suits in black, anthracite or navy blue. This combination adds a subtle elegance to your look, be it in the office or on formal occasions.

Suitable for weddings: Should you wear a turquoise tie to a wedding?
Absolutely! A turquoise tie brings freshness to wedding ensembles. It goes well with various wedding dresses and gives the groom a sophisticated touch. Combine with a matching pocket square for the perfect wedding look.

Suitable for the office: Do you wear a turquoise tie to the office?
Definitely! Turquoise ties are a stylish choice for the office. They give your business look a subtle originality without being too flashy. Combine them with a classic suit for a professional yet modern appearance.

Choosing a knot: Which tie knot is suitable for turquoise ties?
A single or double Windsor knot is particularly suitable for turquoise ties. These knots give the tie an elegant presence while underlining its modern charm.

Complete elegance with Paul Malone
The harmonious combination of turquoise ties, pocket squares and cufflinks from Paul Malone allows you to create a thoughtful and finished look. Combine style and color for a unique expression of your personality, be it for formal occasions such as weddings or everyday office life.

Perfect gift set for the trendsetter
Surprise your loved ones with a perfectly coordinated set of turquoise ties, pocket squares and cufflinks from Paul Malone. A touch of luxury and class for the fashion-conscious man - a gift that will stay in the memory.

Discover the Paul Malone collection
Dive into our extensive collection and discover how Paul Malone turquoise ties, pocket squares and cufflinks can elevate your look. Free shipping and a satisfaction guarantee. Find your perfect Paul Malone men's accessory set today!