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Extra tall ties neckties - XL silk ties

Extra long ties with 165cm length of the 2024 season

Immerse yourself in the world of Paul Malone's extra long ties, where style and comfort form a perfect symbiosis. These modern ties made from high quality silk and microfiber offer not only an impressive appearance but also an ideal fit with a length of 165 cm. No more compromising on length - be ready to stand out in style. The variety in design and material is impressive. From timeless paisley, striped, plain and floral patterns to modern color schemes, the Paul Malone collection offers the right thing for every taste. The high-quality workmanship guarantees not only style, but also longevity. Complete your extra long tie with exclusive pocket squares and cufflinks from the Paul Malone accessories collection. These fine details give your outfit the finishing touch and underline your personal elegance. Whether for weddings, in the office or at formal events - Paul Malone's extra long ties are versatile. The various designs are suitable not only as a wedding tie, but also as a lawyer's tie or judge's tie to guarantee a serious and stylish appearance. Tie knots made easy: In our blog you will find practical tips for the perfect knot and find out how you can easily showcase your extra long tie. Proper care will significantly extend the life of your Paul Malone tie. Our blog offers more information on care tips and useful advice to keep your extra long tie in top shape. Discover the world of Paul Malone's extra long ties and experience how elegance and comfort go hand in hand. With us you will not just find an accessory, but a companion for unforgettable moments. Order now and complete your look with the exclusive accessories pocket squares and cufflinks!

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Extra long ties from Paul Malone - modern elegance for every occasion
Welcome to our exclusive collection of Paul Malone extra long ties, tailored for men with a strong sense of modern elegance and comfort. Discover unique designs and high-quality materials such as silk and microfiber, which not only offer optimal comfort, but also underline your personality.

Why Paul Malone Extra Long Ties?

  1. Perfect fit: The extra long ties from Paul Malone, with a generous length of 165 cm, allow equals effortless tying and ensures a flawless fit. Never compromise on elegance again.

  2. Variety in design and color: Immerse yourself in a world of timeless classics and modern patterns. From subtle textures to bold colors, Paul Malone offers a wide range to enhance your individual style, be it paisley, striped, plain, floral or baroque.

  3. Premium materials: Quality is Paul Malone's top priority. The extra long ties are made from the finest materials such as silk and microfiber. Feel the difference in feel and durability.

  4. Stylishly packaged - ideal as a gift: Each Paul Malone tie is packaged with care and is not only a stylish accessory, but also an excellent one Men's accessory for men who value modern fashion and quality.

  5. Complete ensemble with pocket squares and cufflinks: Complement your tie with our exquisite pocket squares and cufflinks . These accessories add the icing on the cake to your outfit and allow you to show your individual style down to the last detail.

  6. Suitable for every occasion: Whether it's a wedding or the office, our extra long ties are versatile and the perfect choice for; r men who value stylish men's fashion.

Your style, your choice: Extra long ties from Paul Malone for men with class
Discover the exclusive world of Paul Malone's extra long ties and experience how modern elegance and comfort go hand in hand. Perfect your look with an accessory that not only emphasizes your style but also makes a statement. Browse now and emphasize your unique style!

Are extra long ties fashionable?Absolutely! Extra long ties are a modern statement and fit perfectly with contemporary style. The generous length not only gives a trendy look, but also offers more possibilities for creative combinations.

How long should an extra long tie be?An extra long tie should generally be 165 cm long . This extra length allows for different tie knots and ensures an elegant appearance, especially for men with a taller stature.

Which suit should you wear an extra long tie with?Extra long ties go perfectly with suits of all kinds, be it it a classic business suit or an elegant wedding suit. The longer tie allows for versatile styling options and gives your suit a particularly stylish touch.

Do you wear an extra long tie to a wedding?Definitely! Extra long ties are an excellent choice for wedding suits. The elegant designs and the ability to use more creative tie knots make them an elegant accessory for the special day.

Do you wear an extra long tie in the office?Yes, extra long ties are also an option in the office stylish choice. They give your business look a modern touch and show that you are not only professional but also fashion-conscious.

Which tie knot is suitable for extra long ties?For extra long ties, the half Windsor knot or the Pratt are particularly suitable -Node. These knots create a balanced look and leave enough length to drape stylishly over the shirt.

When should you wear an extra long tie?Extra long ties are suitable for different occasions, from formal events to business meetings to celebratory events such as weddings. Their versatility makes them a perfect accessory for almost any occasion.