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Golden ties of the 2024 season

Welcome to the exclusive world of Paul Malone gold ties, where luxury and style merge into a unique experience. Every modern tie is more than a fashion statement - it is an expression of sophistication and timeless class. From warm shades to deep champagne tones, the Paul Malone collection offers a wide range of options to perfectly suit your style. Our ties are made of high-quality materials such as silk and microfiber, which not only represent first-class quality, but also guarantee a comfortable fit. Discover the variety in design and style, be it striped, plain, floral or paisley patterns. Paul Malone's modern tie collection offers a wide selection and is not just an accessory, but an expression of individuality and taste. Complete your look with a matching tie knot to emphasize your personal touch. Whether it's a wedding or a business meeting, our gold ties suit every occasion. The Paul Malone collection offers not only wedding ties, but also elegant business ties that emphasize your style and attract attention. Complete your look with the matching accessories from Paul Malone. The perfect pocket square and exclusive cufflinks not only complement the gold tie, but also complete your entire look. Gold not only represents elegance, but also prosperity. A gold tie from Paul Malone is not just a fashion accessory, but an investment in your personal style and self-confidence. Discover the unparalleled elegance and timeless beauty of the Paul Malone gold tie collection. Make a statement that will be remembered.

Plain satin necktie (microfiber)
16,90 EUR
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PAUL MALONE necktie 100% SILK gold 433
24,90 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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Stylish elegance with Paul Malone: Modern ties and accessories for business and weddings
Welcome to the exclusive world of Paul Malone gold ties, where timeless class meets sophisticated design. Our modern collection not only offers a diverse selection of gold ties, but also high-quality materials such as silk and microfiber.

Golden ties for every occasion:Are gold ties fashionable? Absolutely! Our modern designs, from subtle monochrome models to striking paisley, striped or floral patterns, reflect the latest trends and give every outfit a contemporary touch.

Perfectly coordinated accessories for the modern gentleman: A stylish outfit is not complete without the right accessories. Our pocket squares and cufflinks add elegant accents and harmonize perfectly with our gold ties. The length of the gold tie should ideally reach up to the belt line to ensure a balanced look.

For the modern gentleman in business and at weddings: Which suit should you wear a gold tie with? Our business ties add a professional touch to your suit, while wedding ties accompany the special day in style. The gold tie is extremely versatile and goes well with both classic suits and modern cuts.

High-quality materials for long-lasting elegance: Paul Malone's gold ties are made of first-class materials such as silk and microfiber. These materials are not only comfortable to wear, but also ensure long-lasting quality. Each men's tie is made with attention to detail to ensure that you can enjoy your elegant accessory for a long time.

For special occasions: Should you wear a gold tie to a wedding? Absolutely! Our wedding ties are designed to add a touch of glamor to any groom. The golden nuances symbolize love and luxury and set the perfect accent for an unforgettable day.

In the office and business: Do you wear a gold tie in the office? Of course! Our business ties exude professionalism and are the perfect choice for business meetings and everyday office life. The golden color gives your appearance a subtle elegance without being too intrusive.

Tie knot for the finishing touch: Which tie knot is suitable for a gold tie? The simple Windsor knot or the elegant half-Windsor knot are ideal options to perfectly showcase the golden tie. These knots give your look the finishing touch and harmoniously round off the overall picture.

Care tips for long-lasting beauty: To ensure that your modern gold tie from Paul Malone always shines, please follow the care instructions. Most models can be easily dry cleaned. Loving care ensures that your entire ensemble remains loyal to you for a long time.

Your search for the perfect look ends here at Paul Malone: Browse through our exclusive collection and discover how modern gold Ties from Paul Malone with the right accessories give your outfit an incomparable elegance. With us you will not only find ties, but a complete package for your unique style. Welcome to Paul Malone — where elegance meets excellence!