Wedding Vests

Here you will find the latest collection of wedding vests for the wedding season 2020. Our price-performance ratio is almost unbeatable. Our vests are perfectly made, easy care and have a very good fit. With the easy micro-fiber processing, even a long wedding is no problem. You will hardly feel the vest. The accessories complete the overall picture.

Paul Malone VEST SET floral ivory with bow tie V51F
  • vest
  • necktie
  • plastron
  • handkerchief
  • one pair of cufflinks
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Wedding vests for men
The wedding vest or gilet for the groom has now become as much a part of the wedding fashion for the gentleman as the wedding suit. Without the matching suit vest for the groom, the wedding outfit is not complete. When choosing the right waistcoat you should look at the wedding dress. The color should be identical to the dress, so that visually the bridal couple forms a unit. Since the suit is usually kept simply black, it is the wedding waistcoat with the matching accessories, which determines the color of the groom outfit for the wedding. In addition to the color of the men's vest and the pattern is very important, as this should reflect the style and character of the groom. In the Festive West, a distinction is made between paisley patterns, striped vests, spotted, plain, floral or very elegant baroque vests or gilets. The matching accessories for the wedding vest complete the picture. When combining the accessories for the festive mens waistcoat, the groom can indulge in his own ideas. The following combinations are possible.

Wedding vest with bow tie: In this classically elegant variant, the bow tie should either be worn in the same pattern and the same color, or at least have the same color. An altogether different bow tie than the wedding vest would harm the overall picture rather than completing it. With this combination, the shirt between the bow tie and the waistcoat is easy to see, so opt for a button-down shirt, as it looks much more elegant than seeing the button placket.

Wedding vest with ascot tie: This variation is the festive of the three possible combinations. Like the fly, the plastron is pre-tied and closed with a simple neck strap. The special knot that makes up the elegance of the plastron is already incorporated. A shirt with a flap collar is the right choice for this festive western combination.

Wedding vest with necktie: The combination of waistcoat and tie is not quite as formal elegant as the previous two variants. Nevertheless, the groom looks very elegant with a vest with a matching tie and also has the advantage of being able to take off the vest for late evening, since the tie can be worn on its own, unlike the plastron. The wedding shirt should have a shark collar, so that the knot of the tie can also be tied big enough, without ruining the collar ugly.

For all three wedding waistcoat sets, you can still combine the matching cufflinks and the matching handkerchief to get even more elegance and formality in the men's wedding outfit.

Festive men's vests for the wedding to the wedding suit
The Paul Malone wedding waistcoat sets or gilet are a noble combination to our wedding suits. Here you can combine your festive vests with various accessories. As already mentioned, we have the matching plastron, bow tie or tie to the wedding vest in the range. The handkerchief is also available. If you want to be on the safe side, we have the possibility to order a 5-piece wedding vests set where, except for the bow tie, all accessories, matching the vest, are included. The wedding waistcoat is worn in the festive area with a matching wedding shirt.