blue neckties

blue neckties

Blue Ties of the 2024 season


Welcome to the exclusive world of Paul Malone blue ties, where timeless elegance meets modern style. The classic blue ties not only offer a stylish accessory, but also inspiration for anyone who wants to perfect their look. From deep navy to vibrant cobalt, the palette ranges to bring a blue hue to any wardrobe. Paul Malone's business ties are characterized not only by their timeless style, but also by their practical length of 165 cm. This extra length is ideal for business wear and ensures a perfect fit without compromising on elegance. Are you planning a wedding? Our blue wedding ties add the finishing touch to your ensemble and channel the timeless elegance of Paul Malone for your special day. The men's tie collection includes versatile materials and styles. Whether you prefer the luxurious touch of silk ties or the easy-care elegance of microfiber, you'll find the perfect tie for every occasion at Paul Malone. Narrow ties for a modern touch or traditional ties for a timeless look - the choice is diverse. And because the devil is in the details, Paul Malone offers not only ties, but also accessories for the finishing touch. High-quality pocket squares and elegant cufflinks complete your look and underline your personality. Discover the world of blue ties from Paul Malone and find the perfect accessory to underline your individual style. Timeless elegance has never been easier to achieve than with our curated selection. Start your journey to looking stylish today.


Plain satin necktie (microfiber)
16,90 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
1 to 48 (from a total of 100)

Blue mens ties
Today's modern ties are made from a wide variety of materials. So today you get blue ties made of cotton, leather, velvet, microfiber and, of course, silk. Blue silk ties are still the finest of their kind. However, not only the material has evolved in a variety of ways in recent years, but also the width and length. The modern blue standard tie is approx. 8 cm wide and has a length of approx. 148 cm. But beyond that, blue, narrow ties are becoming increasingly popular. The narrow, blue ties are usually only 6 cm at their widest point and have their main customer group among the young or young-at-heart slim men, since the normal widths are more likely to be used for strong builds. Long blue ties with a length of approx. 165 cm are ideal for very tall men from 1.90 m in height or men with a stomach attachment. The extra long ties are so popular with the target group, because you can now tie a reasonable wide tie knot without the tie ending at the navel height. This is not possible with normal long blue ties, because either the knot is extremely small to reach the length or the tie becomes too short. With the different shades of blue, the dark blue tie is the model that stands for a little more seriousness and therefore in e.g. Business meetings tend to be used. The light blue tie looks a bit happier and is ideally suited to positively influence the mood in leisure time or in the office.

Meaning of blue neckties
The blue tie for men is one of the most popular ties in modern men's fashion. Last but not least, your popularity results from what you exude. A blue tie stands for objectivity, seriousness, trust and security. On top of that, reliability and durability is also something that is suggested by a tie in blue. Depending on the pattern, other meanings of the tie can be assigned.

Combine blue ties
A blue tie is the ideal companion for formal occasions, as well as a combination with your business outfit. The blue tie can be combined with almost any suit. Whether it's a blue suit for the office or a black suit for a festive occasion, a blue tie always fits. When choosing shirts, you should limit yourself to white or blue shirts.