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Extra long ties for the 2024 season


Our extra long ties with an impressive 165cm length are the perfect choice for men who want to be stylish Looking for business ties or wedding ties and placing the highest value on comfort. Whether you have a larger stature or simply prefer a bold and striking look, our men's ties will give you the ideal fit and comfort you need. Tying these ties is effortless and adds an elegant touch to your business outfit or wedding suit. Our Paul Malone collection is characterized by a wide variety of designs, colors and patterns that can be perfectly adapted to any business occasion or wedding. Are you looking for the perfect business tie for important business meetings or an elegant wedding tie for that special day? You will find what you are looking for with us. Our extra long men's ties are not just a simple accessory - they are an expression of your personality and your individual style. The quality of our products is Paul Malone's top priority. Our extra long ties are made from high quality materials such as silk, polyester or cotton to ensure that they not only look good but also last a long time. They make a statement and give your business outfit or wedding suit a distinctive touch that sets you apart from the crowd. We are proud to not only offer you ties, but also to deliver real added value to your business style and self-confidence. Discover our Paul Malone collection today and find out how an extra long men's tie can enhance your wardrobe. Your search for extra long ties with a length of 165 cm from Paul Malone, be it as a business tie or wedding tie, ends here. Immerse yourself in the world of elegance and individuality that our ties represent.


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Discover our exclusive collection of extra long ties from the renowned brand "Paul Malone". These ties impress with their impressive length of 165 cm and are a true homage to elegance and quality. Find out more about the outstanding features and impressive variety of our "Paul Malone" extra long ties.
1. PERFECT FIT FOR ANY OCCASION: The "Paul Malone" extra long ties are designed to perfectly fit men with a larger stature. But even men of average height will appreciate the exclusivity of a carefully tied "Paul Malone" tie. The additional length allows for different tying techniques and style variations to express your personality.
2. Diverse Designs and Premium Materials: The Paul Malone collection offers a wide range of designs, colors and patterns to suit different occasions. The ties are made from high-quality materials such as pure silk, which provides a smooth feel and a luxurious shine. Alternatively, models made from durable polyester and relaxed cotton are available to suit different needs.
3. Complete accessories for perfect coordination: At "Paul Malone" we have also thought of the matching pocket squares and cufflinks to perfectly coordinate your outfit. These accessories are available in the same high-quality materials and designs as our extra long ties. This way you can ensure that your entire appearance is flawless and appears well thought out.
4. Care Instructions and Tying Techniques: In addition to an extensive selection of ties, we offer informative resources to ensure your tie is always tied perfectly and looking like new. Our "Paul Malone" accessories are durable and easy to care for, so you don't have to worry about maintaining them.
The “Paul Malone” brand stands for the highest quality and timeless style. Order one of our extra long "Paul Malone" ties today and discover the perfect coordination with the matching pocket squares and cufflinks. Your perfect elegance is just a click away!