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Exclusive Paul Malone wedding suits with matching formal vests of the 2024 season

We know how important your wedding day is and how crucial the choice of your wedding suit is for your self-confident appearance. At Paul Malone we present you an exquisite collection of wedding suits that not only reflect your individual style but also offer premium comfort and quality. Whether you prefer a timeless tuxedo, a classic tailcoat or a modern slim-fit suit, Paul Malone wedding suits offer a wide selection so you can find your dream suit that highlights your personality. The matching festive vests complement the look in an elegant way. Our suits are made from the finest materials that not only look first-class but also feel comfortable. Comfort is as important to us as style, and the vests are carefully selected to ensure your comfort and elegance. We attach great importance to the perfect fit. Our experienced tailors will ensure your suit fits like a glove. In addition, we offer a wide range of accessories to complete every aspect of your look. Our dedicated team is on hand to provide you with personalized advice and expertise to ensure you make the right choice and your matching festive waistcoat complements the look. Your wedding day is a unique event and our goal is to provide you with added value by helping you find the perfect Paul Malone wedding suit with a matching formal waistcoat that best showcases your personality and style. Visit us and experience the unparalleled elegance of Paul Malone's wedding collection. We look forward to being part of your special day and offering you an unforgettable experience.

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Wedding suit - what to look for
A wedding suit always has to fit perfectly, because at the wedding, one's eyes must always be on love. A badly fitting wedding suit could distract you a bit. In addition to the perfectly fitting wedding suit, the groom should also pay attention to his personal style and character, because as a budding husband, one can only feel completely at ease on this important day. So that the groom visually form a unit together with the bride and your wedding dress at the wedding, a wedding vest or tie is worn to the wedding suit, which harmonizes with the color of the wedding dress. As a special eye-catcher you also have the possibility to put on your child the same vest as the groom and to create a unity of bride, groom and child visually, if already a child is there. Let's get to the formalities. The wedding suit must sit perfectly as mentioned, but what does that mean? It should not be too tight, but it should not be too loose, because it creates unsightly wrinkles on the wedding fashion. In the jacket, one looks at the collar, which must not protrude too far from the shirt. the second look goes to the shoulders, where the seam should close with the man's shoulder and how the sleeves sit tight. It should not be too tight, so that there is still enough freedom of movement and no kinks under the shoulder pad arise. The buttons must be easy to close, so that the jacket does not tension and ugly cross folds throws. The arm length should be chosen so that the knuckles are covered with hanging arms. However, the sleeve should not be too long, so that the shirt with the noble cufflinks still underneath it appears. The situation is similar with the length of the pants. There you have to avoid flooding or you are standing with your shoe on the hem of your trousers and this causes it to chafe through. The ideal length of the pants is given when the hem rest on the heel of the wedding shoes.

The difference of a suit to the wedding and for other occasions
A wedding suit should always be a bit different from the normal suits. So should the groom's suits for wedding wear always something more physical sit than others. A too tight wedding suit, however, is a no-go. We are happy to assist Paul Malone by phone, e-mail or live chat with words and deeds.

What makes the wedding suit unique
Whether at the ceremony in the church, at the registry office or at a free wedding ceremony, all eyes are always directed at the wedding in the direction of the bride and groom. In order to be able to pass next to the bride and your wedding dress, the suit must be perfect. For this to be guaranteed, wedding suits look more festive than classic suits. High-quality materials and shiny fabrics reflect the special treat of the event well.

The wedding suit and its meaning
The wedding suit is the counterpart of the festive men's fashion for a wedding dress. The wedding suit is now an integral part of the wedding fashion to the bride at the ceremony in terms of elegance in nothing. An elegant wedding suit is solemn without being intrusive. Discover the wide assortment of Paul Malone bridegroom suits with matching wedding vests.

Stylish suits for the groom at his wedding
Wedding suits are a relatively new achievement in festive menswear. In the past, weddings were more likely to wear uniforms or a tuxedo. In the western part of Europe Cut-Aways or a Stresemann were also very often taken to the wedding. Characteristic are wedding suits with small but fine design elements provided, which distinguishes him from the normal business suit. The big advantage of a beautiful wedding suit is that it can be worn after the wedding on festive occasions in a different combination with bow tie or tie, which is not feasible with the wedding dress. Such an extensive selection of wedding suits does not always make it easy to find the right suit for you. It is up to your style and style, whether you choose a classic or a modern wedding suit. Or maybe the choice is rather a normal business suit, which you want to spice up with the right accessories. You will always look good at the registry office or at the church with Paul Malone suits. Above all, it is important that you coordinate with your partner in order to live up to the motto of the wedding. It has to be clarified if the wedding is more extravagant or if it is a classic wedding.

Matching combinations to the wedding suit
First, you need a well-fitting wedding shirt to your suit that should of course sit well. For slimmer men there is a slim fit or modern fit shirt recommended and in somewhat stronger men a regular fit shirt. But not only the cut is crucial, but also the equipment. So should the shirt to the wedding suit no breast pocket have, a concealed button placket, as it always looks a little more festive, or color-contrasting buttons. An envelope cuff is also important because you can attach the cufflinks there. For the collar, it depends on the accessories, whether you want to wear a bow tie, plastron or a tie. The bow tie or plastron has a fastener tape that fits very well with a dangling or tuxedo collar. The tie is used appropriately with a Kent or shark collar.
Then the right vest for the wedding suit is needed. The vest is color coordinated with the wedding dress. The matching accessories should have the same color and pattern. A large selection of festive vests with matching accessories can be found in our shop.
Although the wedding shoes should be very elegant and different from the normal everyday shoes, but do not divert all attention from the wedding suit. The socks are as inconspicuous and easy to choose.