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Red Neckties

Our large assortment of red ties ranges from various patterns such as paisley, striped, plain, polka-dot to elegant baroque. You can freely choose the length and width of the ties and thus find your own individual style. The matching accessories can also be easily added to give your outfit the finishing touch. We are proud to be able to offer you a tie shop with such an extensive range of silk ties, that nothing is left to be desired. The area of application ranges from business ties in the office to grooms ties at your wedding.

Plain satin necktie (microfiber)
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Tie red Today's modern ties are made from a wide variety of materials. Today you can get red ties made of cotton, leather, velvet, microfiber and of course silk. Red silk ties are still one of the finest of their kind. But not only has the material developed in recent years, but also the width and length. The modern red standard tie is approx. 8cm wide and has a length of approx. 148cm. But beyond that, red skinny ties are becoming increasingly popular. The red ties in a narrow version are usually only 6cm at the widest point and their main customer group is the young or young at heart, slim men, as the normal widths are more likely to be used for those with a strong stature. Extra-long red ties with a length of approx. 165cm are ideal for very tall people. grown men from 1.90m tall or men with a belly. The extra long ties are so popular with the target group because you can now tie a reasonably wide tie knot without the tie ending at belly button height. This is not possible with red ties of normal length, as either the knot is extremely small to achieve the length or the tie is too short. For the different shades of red, the wine red or burgundy tie is the model that suits you. stands for a little more seriousness and is therefore more likely to be used in business meetings, for example. The light red tie looks a little happier and is ideal for positively influencing the mood in your free time or in the office.

Importance of red ties
The red men's tie is also a popular tie in modern men's fashion. Last but not least, your popularity results from what you radiate to others. A red tie represents strength, dynamism, trust and self-confidence. On top of that, reliability and consistency is also something that is suggested by a red tie. Depending on the pattern, the tie can have other meanings. 

Combine red ties
A red tie is the ideal companion for formal occasions, as well as as a combination with your business outfit. The red tie can be combined with almost any suit. Whether it's a blue suit for the office or a black suit for a formal occasion, a red tie always fits. When choosing shirts, however, you should limit yourself to white or light blue shirts.

Our exclusive collection of red ties from Paul Malone, where timeless elegance meets versatile style. Paul Malone's carefully curated selection not only offers a wide range of red shades, but also high-quality materials such as lustrous silk and easy-care microfiber. These men's ties are not just an accessory, but a statement.

1. Colors that impress: Red stands for passion and style. Paul Malone's red ties come in shades from vibrant ruby to deep burgundy – be it plain, striped, floral, paisley or baroque. Whether for business meetings, special occasions or a wedding - we have the perfect red tie from Paul Malone for every man.

2. Quality that lasts: Paul Malone ties are made from first-class materials, be it fine silk for a luxurious look or easy-care microfiber for demanding everyday life. Invest in a men's tie that not only promises style but also durability.

3. Style that stands out: Discover a variety of Paul Malone designs, from classic stripes to modern paisley patterns. Our red ties are more than just accessories — They are an expression of your individual style and perfect for the tie knot of your choice.

4. Versatility for every occasion: Whether it's formal meetings, festive celebrations or a wedding - Paul Malone red ties are extremely versatile and an essential men's accessory. Emphasize your personality and make a strong fashion statement with a red tie from Paul Malone.

5. Complete ensemble with accessories: Complete your look with our matching men's accessories. Discover elegant pocket squares and classy cufflinks that go perfectly with Paul Malone's red ties. Our accessories give your outfit additional sophistication and complete your fashionable appearance.

6. Easy to care for and long-lasting: To ensure that your Paul Malone tie shines for a long time, we will give you tips on how to care for it properly. High-quality materials such as silk and microfiber require special attention — We'll help you preserve the color intensity and shine of your red Paul Malone tie. Discover our unique Paul Malone collection and add that certain something to your look with a red tie and matching men's accessories. Our selection offers not only style but also substance. Learn how a seemingly simple accessory from Paul Malone makes all the difference.

Are red ties modern? Yes, red ties are timeless and modern at the same time. They are a versatile accessory that plays a significant role in both classic and contemporary fashion trends.

How long should a red tie be? The ideal length of a tie varies, but in general it should be long enough the bottom edge of the tie reaches the top edge of the belt. This ensures an elegant and balanced look.

Which suit should you wear a red tie with? Red ties go well with different suit colors. They harmonize particularly well with classic navy blue, gray or anthracite. They can also be worn with a black suit for a bold look.

Do you wear a red tie to a wedding? Yes, red ties are an excellent choice for weddings. They symbolize love and passion and can be worn on festive occasions such as weddings. The color red gives the wedding outfit a striking touch.

Do you wear a red tie to the office? Yes, red ties can also be worn to the office. They give the outfit a certain sophistication and look professional. When choosing red tones, it is advisable to opt for subtle nuances to ensure an appropriate office look.

Which tie knot is suitable for red ties? The half Windsor knot or the simple Windsor knot are particularly suitable for red ties. These knots are versatile, easy to tie and give the tie an attractive symmetry that suits different occasions. Incorporating these answers further enhances the text and provides additional useful information for customers. If you would like any further customizations, please let me know!