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Mens suit vest - waistcoat

Men's vest of the current 2024 season 

A men's suit vest is not just an additional piece of clothing - it is the missing piece of the puzzle perfects your entire look. At Paul Malone we place particular emphasis on quality and style and therefore offer an exclusive collection of men's suit vests designed specifically for our discerning customers. Our suit vests are not only masterpieces in terms of workmanship and material quality, but also the ideal complement to our first-class suits. They are designed to fit seamlessly with our suit collections and take your look to a whole new level. The right vest is the detail that makes the difference. Whether you're looking for a timeless classic style or a modern, trendy look, our vests will perfectly complement your suit. We offer a wide selection of colors, patterns and fabrics to ensure you find the vest that suits your personal style and the occasion. With a men's suit vest from Paul Malone you will stand out from the crowd and underline your confident elegance. You can be sure that our vests not only look great, but are also an investment in quality and style. Discover our collection of men's suit vests now, which are perfectly matched to our suits. They are the guarantee for a flawless appearance and give your look the finishing touch. Welcome to the world of perfect coordination and timeless elegance.

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Fashionable mens vests
A gentleman's waistcoat must now be missing in any fashion-conscious man in the wardrobe. The modern men's vest is timelessly chic and can be wonderfully combined with many outfits. There are many different styles, styles and materials available to you as a West lover to find your model. As a stylish addition to your jacket, the men's vest enjoys ever greater popularity. Were worn in the West almost exclusively at festive events in the past, so the modern gentlemen west have today found their way into offices as work clothes instead of the jacket and in the leisure area. On very warm days, one is happy to be able to take off the warm jacket in the office and wear an airy vest instead. The vests today are so stylish and elegantly cut that they look just as elegant and reputable as they do with a jacket.

Building a men's vest
The men's vest is now available in a variety of variants. From the body-contoured slim fit vest to the loose fit regular fit vest, everything is available. But not only the cut, but also the structure and the details give the vest your individual look. There are gentlemen's vests that have an elegant lapel like the jacket and are thus almost only suitable as a stand alone. Further differences can be found in the men's suit vests in the design of the button placket and the pockets. Vests with 4 or more buttons are better for use under a jacket, as the vest is easy to recognize when the jacket is closed, which is usually not the case with 3 or fewer buttons. The bags differ not only in number, but also in shape. Some vests have so-called flap pockets, which are pockets where a small clapper covers the bag. These types of bags are usually found at stand alone mens vests again. Another form is the piping bag. In this form, the bag is not immediately recognizable, and nestles very nicely in the overall picture of the vest.

Men's waistcoat
In the classic men's suit vest, the front area is made of the suit fabric and the back is made of slightly thinner satin. With four or more buttons the placket is a bit longer in classic suit vests compared to other vests. Due to the longer button row, the upper body of the wearer is slightly stretched, which makes him look slimmer. A modern suit vest also fits perfectly with a classic jeans. With the shoes and the belt, you can then create wonderfully different looks.

Tips for choosing the right men's vest
A vest is very comfortable because there is a lot of freedom of movement due to the missing sleeves. The right fit and fit is of course a prerequisite, so you get the following tips:
1. The vest should be maximally long enough to reach the hipbone, but at least long enough to cover the hipbone.
2. When buttoning the vest no gussets may arise in front. If this is the case, a larger number is recommended.
3. Under the arms, the men's vest should sit as close to the body. Too much to stand on the shoulders, indicates a mismatched cut or too large a size.
4. The bottom button of the vest is normally always left open.
5. If the men's vest has a back strap, it is recommended to tighten it when trying on.